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2004 Rodman 57 Princess Flybridge Motor Yacht

$279,000 USD

  • $279,000 USD
  • Available
  • Used
  • Motor Yachts
  • 2004
  • Rodman
  • 57 Princess Flybridge Motor Yacht
  • Jupiter, Florida, US
  • Power
  • 57ft / 17.37 m
  • 2
  • Volvo Penta
  • D12
  • 2015-12-08
  • 2015-12-08
  • 1937396

That's right ... I have reduced the price of my 2004, 57 ft Rodman Sport Cruiser One Hundred Thousand Dollars. 

Why? Because I have only used it about two hours in the last two years. I have a profesional captain maintaining the boat. He and I are both very proud of the condition of the Mighty Pawn. You will not find a better maitained ten year old yacht.  

Yachting Magazine 2007 article about the Rodman 565 says:


"Rodman may be unfamilliar to most Americans but, for the rest of the world, the name is synonomous with boats that are tough, seaworthy, and well built. Founded in the early 1970s, Rodman earned its reputation building composite military and commercial craft. Nations in South America, Europe, Africa, and the Orient have Rodmann patrol boat in their naval and custom fleets and, with more than 11,000 craft built in less than three decades, Rodman has vast experience. 

The Rodman 565, imported to the United States by Rodman USA, draws on that military side. In fact, the hull of the 565 is adapted from that of a water-jet powered 68-knot customs patrol boat.

Step away from the swoopy Euro-styling of the 565 and you'll see a hull that is designed and built to chase bad guys at a high speed in the worst conditions. The deep-V hull carries the strakes well above the waterline forward, giving the 565 a purposeful look that not only strikes fear in smugglers but provides a soft ride in nasty seas. The hull sides are carried far forward, which gives the 565 a wide beam at the waterline for form, stability, and immense inside volumn. Though the hull lineage is from no-nonsense patrol craft, the rest of the 565 is pure Riviera luxury."


Furthermore, Capt. Ken Kreisler states in a Power & Motoryacht Magazine article, "You can see the emphasis on strength in the 565's hull, which is solid FRP below the waterline and balsa-cord above it and has six full length longitudinal stringers. For strenght and rigidity she also has transverse frames every five feet that are tabbed to the hull, from the deck joint all the way through to the bildge, and balso-cord decks that are laminated to the hull. Rodman's military and commercial roots were particularly evident in the engine room, where I saw fully encased wiring, squirrel-cage exhaust blowers, diamond plate covering the shafts, exhausts supported from the top as well as the bottom to cut down on vibration."


As you can see this is a no-nonsense ruggedly built mediteranian style luxury cruiser. 

I purchased her two years ago from the original owner, a very experienced yachtsman, who had to stop boating due to health and age issues, 85 years old. 

Replacement value of this yacht is $2,000,000 (Fl. Nautical Surveyors).  My purchase survey is available. 

If you want to get into a beautifully maintained multi-million dollar yacht for the price of a Searay runabout, give me a call!

For Sale By Frank Gordon Yacht Sales, Inc.

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