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1954 119 (ft.) LCU Military Transport

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General Information

Listing# 123881

CA, United States
Boat Type
Model Year
Year Built
Landing Craft
Avalon Shipyard
LCU Military Transport
119 (ft.)
Minimum Draft
Maximum Draft
Cruising Speed
Max Speed
Fuel Capacity
Water Capacity
Water Capacity
Hull Material
Deck Material
Hull Finish
Fuel Tank Material
Fuel Tank Material
Fuel Tank Material
Detroit (2)
Fuel Type
Engine Model
(2) 671NA & (1) 6V92NA
Number of Engines
Engine Type
Engine Hours
Number of Staterooms
Number of Crew Berths
Number of Heads
Crew Heads

General Details

Here's basics remember everything was installed end of 2011.

Built by Avondale 1954/2011

Triple Engine Landing Craft

119' x 34 x 5

Triple Screw

Detroit 6V71nas x 2 and 6V92na x 1 on centerline
Installed in 2011 with 250 hours since rebuild

Reduction gears Twin Disc 506 3:1 rebuilt in 2012

Propellers: 3 x 38 dia. Shafts 2 1/4 w Kevlar wrap

Cruise 6.5 knots, max 7.0 knots

Total fuel capacity 3600 gals in steel tanks of 3000 gals and 600 gals external day tank

Water 1000 gals

Holding 1000 gals

Generators: 25KW, 50KW, 45KW, 10kw Yanmar, Detroit x 2 and Onan


Radar Furuno 48 mile

12 crew berths, 2 staterooms, 1 head, 1 shower

Stove, refrigerator, air heat ( none of AC or heat connected)

All new batteries 4x 8ds house w inverter

Single 8d for each engine w alternator

2x 40 steel spuds w winches

Refurbished gate motor

Condition Reported Very Good Overall

We will present all offers

Would make perfect Nome, Alaska Bering Sea Gold Dredge platform

Just surveyed at $837,000.00.  Please be qualified for a loan or have Cash.

P/S Yacht & Ship Sales International

"Power & Sail"

3125 Fenelon Street

San Diego, Ca. 92106

Office #: 619-291-6695

Office Fax: 629-291-7363


Mobile: 619-342-5518

Additional Equipment

P.R. Marine Surveyors    Call Day or Night   RR# 1, C-19 Valley Rd. Powell River, BC. V8A 4Z2           Member: A.M.S.B.C. A.B.Y.C.    P. R. Marine Surveyors issues this report for the sole purpose of the requesting party, for the exclusive use of the requesting party and only for the purposes listed. P.R. Marine Surveyors extends exclusive use to requesting party for stated use and any use other then that stated purpose must seek written permission for use in advance from P.R. Marine Surveyors. P.R. Marine Surveyors or its representatives shall under no circumstances whatsoever be liable to any party for any loss, injury or damages resulting from errors or omissions in this report or otherwise, and if any party acts or relies on the contents of this report or statements, then such acting or relying shall be confirmation by that party of the acceptance of this term limiting liability.   Purpose of Survey: Vessel Surveyed: Date: Requested By: Time: Weather: HULL & SUPERSTRUCTURE: Hull Number: Hull Type: Chine: Transom : General Construction and Condition: Bow Post: Bow Iron: Shoe: Skeg Iron: Keelson: Keel: Official Number: Clamps, Battens Stiffeners: Hull Material: Hull Paint Condition: Color: Frames: Bulkheads: Decks Outer: Decks Inner: Deck Beams: Glass: Trunk Cabin: Glass: Wheel House: Hatches: Accommodation Ventilation: Visibility: Carpet Condition: Upholstery Condition: Overall Interior Condition: Mast: Canvas enclosures and Covers: Sails: Condition: Page 1 of 6 Draft: Beam: Length: Tonnage: Builder: Type of vessel: Date: Rebuilt: Additional comments: On tidal flat @ Pittsburg, California May 19-20/2013 Preliminary examination  Flat bottom Hard Squared replacement. Ramp 3/4" steel -- -- -- -- -- -- No view Ramp 1954 hull in good condition w/ some shell plate needing  Pittsburgh, California 1242721 Clear, 15 knot winds Steel angle & T-section steel w/ bolted sections. 3/8" & 3/4" steel Good. Some rust. Bolted Six watertight plus fore & aft below deck bulkheads. Welded steel Welded steel 10"X1/4" T-Bars on 2' ctrs. Steel Safety plate w/ armored covers Riveted aluminum Hinged safety plate Access to all bilges plus Sight & Siphons for all.  Vents, hatches & hinged glass. Good None None Fair to good Steel w/ nav. aids None None -- -- -- -- -- -- Gray camouflage 5' 34' 119' -- -- -- Avalon Shipyard LCU Military transport/landing craft 1954 --  Oil Filters: Fuel Filters: Fillers Grounded: Fuel Lines: Total Capacity Material Location of Fuel Tanks Number of tanks: Auxiliary: Main: Fuel Type: Rebuilt: Installed: Auxiliary Engine: Engine Room Overall Condition: Engine Room Ventilation: Page 2 of 6 Main Helm: Instrumentation: Compass: Make: Last Adjusted: Exhaust Routing: Cooling System: Rudder type & Condition: Propeller(s): Tail Shaft: Date: Rebuilt By: Reduction: Gear: H.P. Main Engine: Engine Hours: Main Power - Auxiliary and Accessories: Installation firm: Installation date: Location of Fuel Vents Location of Fuel Fillers Bilge Condition: Control Stations: Steering Stations: Electrical: Charging System: Starting & Service Batteries: Condition: Wiring: Isolation Switch: Additional comments: Engine Stringers: Engine mounts Racor 500 FG (3) & engine mounts -- -- -- Steel & neoprene valved 600 gallons 3000 gallons One in use Diesel No data 2011 Four gen. sets, two operational & two not started. Good Well vented  Top station   4 1/2" card Danforth -- -- -- Two 6V71's & one 6V92 Dry through transom Fresh water via heat exchangers. Three -- access limited 4-blade bronze. Access limited. Kevlar wrapped. 2010-11 All engines rebuilt. 71 Series w/ 250 hours. 6V72s w/ Air Shift. 6V92 w/ Morse. Owner & agents 3-1 220 & 365 Stbd. 693 Port 606 M-350 2011 Diesel Good Rexroth Air controls & Morse Enclosed cable Shaft & chain - Mechanical   Four 12V alternators, three on mains, one on Yanmar. -- -- -- Duralast 8-D's (3) plus four 8-D's for house use. In service New. Plastic on copper w/ circuits labeled & fused. -- -- -- Full disconnect & selection. -- -- -- Steel w/ adjustable mounts. Engine recently replaced & good. -- -- -- -- -- -- Fwd. of engine on centerline Welded steel Welded steel Upper aft deck Stbd. weather deck Stbd. bulwarks -- -- -- -- -- -- Number of Stoves or Heaters Control Deck fittings & Equipment: Tow Line: Tie Up Lines: Guard Rails: Deck Fitting Material: Towing Winches or Bits: Life Boat: Hazard & Protection Equipment: Alarm & Protection Systems: Bilge Pumps: Personal Floatation Devices: Life rings & heaving line(s): Ground Tackle:Anchor Type: Weight: Spare Anchor: Weight: Chain Size: Amount: Rope: Amount: Fire Suppression Brand Type Location Date Serviced Page 3 of  6 Brand Type Location Condition: Water Pressure System: Water Heater: Propane: Drains: Refrigerator: General Condition of Stoves and Piping: Additional comments: Fresh Water: Material: Capacity: Domestic: Holding Tank: Type of Head: GE Electric 220V Galley Manual (No test) US Army Climate control -- -- -- Auto  "     " -- -- -- Crews quarters Diesel Fired -- -- -- Multiple Crews Qtrs. -- -- -- Auto  "     " -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --   -- -- -- -- -- -- 8" 1/2 round oil filled steel on vessel sides & 3/4" plate at fwd. section of bottom. All welded steel. Deck cleats. None viewed Engine gauges (Rec.) Bilge pump lights. Sump pumps (110V) manual -- -- -- 4 dated PFD's 30" ring Dual 12" spuds  -- -- -- Anchors not carried at time of survey -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 25 lb. (seven) Dry/chemical Crews quarters -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- (Rec.) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not tested ATOS Not in service. See notes. Raritan 12 gal. 110V - Not in service ATOS. None Trausen SS galley refrigerator - 220V None None operational ATOS. Not tested. -- -- -- Yes Steel Unknown Two, not in service. Yes Additional electronics & special equipment listed on a separate attached sheet: Yes No Total Lifeboat/Dinghy Auxilary Outboard Electronics Equipment Machinery Hull New Replacement Current Page 4 of 6 Function Piping Material Connection Material Sea Connections Description and Values Additional comments: Electronics & Special Equipment: Item Brand Model Serial Number Official Number: Vessel: Vessel Type: Commercial: Cruiser: Live Aboard: Sail: Last Out of Water: Location:  Market Valuation: $  3,120,600.00 $   837,500.00 $         .00 $         .00 $         .00 $    45,600.00 $   260,000.00 $   165,000.00 $  2,650,000.00 -- -- -- Iron & neoprene Seachests (2) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- LCU in good condition with need for shell plate replace & pumping upgrades. -- -- -- Generic TKM 507 -- -- -- -- -- -- R41X Raytheon -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Matrix GX2150 Standard Horizon Raytheon SL70 -- -- -- -- -- -- 50 kilowatt GM Chemetron DC300 Manual -- -- -- Radar VHF radio VHF radio Radar (not working) Deck Mounted Gen. set Welder 1242721 Lingayen Gulf LCU Military transport/landing craft  May 19/2013 Pittsburg, California Iron Marine Surveyors Surveyors Notes for Vessel: Page 5 of 6  If required ... some details may appear on page 5b  On tidal flat @ Pittsburg, California                        May 19/2013          Vessel, is a welded steel LCU, which was built by the US Navy in 1954 by Avalon Shipyard as a 1466 Class landing craft LCU and bears the following dimensions: Length overall 119’ with a beam of 34’ and an approximate draft of 5’.       Vessel is fitted with triple engine propulsion with port and stbd. engines being V6-71 GM diesels and center engine being V6-92 GM diesel with fixed shafts and marine reductions. Vessel is fitted with single station air controlled port and stbd. engines with center engine of enclosed cable. All steering carried out by helm pump hydraulic.      Vessel surveyed afloat at tidal flat at islands immediately adjacent to Pittsburg, California, with vessel secured in place by extended port side fwd and stbd. side aft spuds.       Details were received at time of survey and recommendations have been discussed with prospective buyer. Sea trials and mechanical removals were not carried out at time of survey with access to vessel limited to on decks and majority of interior compartments plus external examination of hull to waterline with transport in the form of manually pulled raft, which allowed for limited hands-on examination of shell plate. Access to propellers and rudders limited by tidal action.    HULL:        Hull of all welded steel construction with hull constructed of multiple sections (Eight) with sections bolted with 1” bolts and seams welded both on interior and exterior of hull. Interior weather decks on foredeck appear in good condition with stiffeners running fore and aft on load-bearing bulkheads, which are situated below decks and 14’ 4” ramp showing advanced deterioration of exterior shell plate with detail received from owner that material on board to allow for re-plating of fwd. ramp.       During course of examination of interior decks, all interior decks and bulwarks appear in good condition with little evidence of wear and essentially no evidence of deterioration noted. Shell plate on vessel exterior at and above waterline shows deterioration in multiple areas with advanced rust accumulation noted and shell plate holed fwd. on stbd. side during routine sounding. Following shell plate damage, soundings were reduced and consensus arrived at that shell plate will require partial to complete re-plate. Stbd. side of hull showing multiple areas of advanced deterioration with port side of hull showing dramatically fewer areas of advanced deterioration with majority of shell plate appearing good.       Limited access to rudders and propellers with access available showing propellers in good condition and rudders well mounted. Transom appears good with evidence on port side of transom of former anchor A-frame, which would have been used as kedge anchor when off-loading on hostile beach for rapid exit.       During course of survey, fwd. landing ramp measured 14’ 4” long by 16’ 6” wide with ramp bridges in place to allow for heavy tracked vehicles with detail received that solid tracked vehicles will require placement of spent tires to provide traction. Traction bars of 1” welded steel in place and appear in good condition. Cargo deck measured and 65’ x 30’ with 53” bulwarks. Ramp is raised and lowered by electrical motors with ramp raised and lowered during course of survey.       Moving to aft portion of fwd. cargo deck allows for entry on port side to crew’s quarters with eight bunks and on stbd. side to dining area with galley on centerline and partially opened hatches in sole to three engines below decks with access down on stbd. side used, which allows for access to engine compartments as well as port and stbd. gen. sets.       Condition of crew’s quarters, galley, dining hall and former mate's quarters appear in good condition with no evidence of major deterioration noted. Vessel decommissioned by US military and engines, all wiring and controls cut off and removed from vessel with all electrical panels and boxes removed during decommission. Simple jury-rigged system in place, all needed lighting and electrical power outlets live and system reported as operational.      Engines, as mentioned, are port and stbd. V6-71 series GM diesels with centerline engine 6V-92 diesel. Combined fuel consumption reported at 40 gallons per hour with all engines plus 7.5 kilowatt gen. set in operation.  P.R. Marine Surveyors Surveyors recommendations for vessel:  W. L. Patrick Marine Surveyor D = At next haul-out or earlier convenient time. C = Sixty days from receipt of recommendations report. B = Thirty days from receipt of recommendations report. A = Immediate. Prior to vessel, or specified equipment being put in service.  Recommendations priority code: Page 6 of 6     On tidal flat @ Pittsburg, California                        May 19/2013         1. Secure 50 kilowatt gen. set in place. (A)   2. Fit 12V pumping system in engine comp. w/ pump-in-operation lights at helm. (A)   3. Re-plate hull as necessary. (A)   4. Update survey prior to vessel entering service. (A)   5. Assure vessel equipped  with safety equipment in accordance with     Canadian Government marine safety regulations. (A)   6. Portable fire extinguishers to be taken ashore to competent authority     serviced on annual basis and returned on board vessel. (A) Surveyors Notes for Vessel: P.R. Marine Surveyors Page  5b of 6     HULL, cont.:        Bilges examined at this time and appear in good condition with minor oil leakage, which is common for engines of this type. Fore, middle and aft tanks entered and appear in good condition with port and stbd. second tanks, numbered 3 and 4, showing water damage from rainwater entry with extensive areas of surface rust noted. Majority of interior of tanks appears in good condition with certain areas of tank not accessible at time of survey. Aft tank on port side, which houses septic system, entered and appears in good condition with septic tank in place and need for new pumping system, which will allow for operation of system in place. Fuel tanks, mounted on centerline fwd. of engines, appear good with, again, access limited and all fuel lines from central tank disconnected, transfer pump disconnected and removed from vessel during decommission. Details received at time of survey that approximately 1000 gallons of mixture of fuel and water contained in fuel tanks and disposal procedures underway to eliminate this material. Limited access to ballast tank, port and stbd. aft, with interior of ballast tank showing surface rust and overall appearing in good condition.       Steps up from aft deck lead to upper boat deck with 7.5 kilowatt gen. set mounted on stbd. side and 50 kilowatt gen. set mounted aft of 7.5 unit on stbd. side with detail received that unit not secured in place and will require securing prior to vessel being moved. (Rec.) 600 gallon fuel tank, mounted on aft deck, provides approximately two days of operation with all systems running with details received from owner that 3000 gallon fuel capacity carried fwd. of engines appears in good condition and can be restored to operation. Interior of fuel tanks not viewed and condition based essentially on assumption and in information supplied by owner.       Steps up from boat deck to wheelhouse, which is mounted above original wheelhouse location, with full control station, electronics and communication in place with vessel controls and steering exercised during course of survey with all engines starting instantly without excess smoke, with smoke from port and stbd. engines disappearing within 2-3 minutes and center engine not smoking at startup and remains smoke free.       Details received at time of survey that all navigation lights and deck lighting working and overall, majority of necessary systems currently operational.      PROPELLING MACHINERY:        Vessel is powered by two GM 6V-71 Series two-cycle diesel engines, which are mounted port and stbd. sides aft and connected to independent propellers with shaft & chain mechanically controlled separate rudders in place with center engine being 6V-92 connected to separate shaft and propeller with steering unified from top station and separate controls for three engines in place at top station.       During course of survey, it was noted that port side packing glands adjustment bolts bent and will require replacement following attempt to lower reduction values to increase thrust of propellers with possibility of hull speed increase resulted in gear destruction and return to standard gear ratios.       Details received at time of survey that port and stbd. engines rebuilt 250 hours prior to installation in the vessel with 6V-92 having 0 hours at time of survey with approximately 690 hours total on port and stbd. engines with approximately 350 hours on 6V-92. All engines freshwater cooled with water intakes via stbd. sea chests with detail received that sea chest valves removed, disassembled, rebuilt, and reinstalled. On tidal flat @ Pittsburg, California, May 19/2013 Surveyors Notes for Vessel: P.R. Marine Surveyors Page  5c of 6     ELECTRICAL:        Vessel is fitted with multiple gen. sets with 50 kilowatt gen. set on boat deck powered by GM4-71 diesel engine and 25 kilowatt gen. set on port side below decks is powered by a GM 2-71 with Yanmar 25 kilowatt gen. set below decks on stbd. side, which is in use during raise and lower of ramp. Huey 6.5 kilowatt gen. set mounted on boat deck, stbd. side, which provides all operational power with exception of raise and lower of ramp. 25 kilowatt Yanmar and Huey 7.5 kilowatt operated at time of survey and appear in good condition with 50 and 25 kilowatt units not operated; minor mechanical upgrades required before being put in service.       Wiring, as viewed at time of survey, incorporates some of original wiring and some rerouted wiring with each engine equipped with 12 volt alternators and Xantrex 25 110 volt charger mounted in battery locker with three Duralast 8-D’s plus four separate 8-D’s for house use, all of which appear in good condition and not load tested at time of survey.       Overall, vessel wiring appears adequate for current vessel use with all systems reported operational with spuds raised and lowered by 12,000 lb. winches, one of which is mounted fwd. on port side and stbd. side on boat deck with separate chargers in use at each station.   INTERIOR FRAMING:        Interior of hull framed at each tank of 2X10” x ¼” T-bars on 24” centers and 2” x 5” t- section beams on 2’ centers, all of which meet 3½” x ¼” T-beam verticals, which run to 10” T-beams on 2’ centers at deckhead. All appear good with no deflection noted and all tanks in fwd. section appear in good condition, clean and all of interior red lead painted.       Tank #3 with awkward entry to what was originally parts storage area with center tank with rust at base of bulkheads with one 10” T-stringer, remainder 5”, all on 2’ centers with 10” T-section beams at deckhead. Remainder of tanks entered, showing identical framing with framing material ranging from red or white enamel painted and in good condition to surface rust and some deterioration at joins. Overall, interior framing would be rated as good condition throughout.       Further details regarding decommission with all of original fuel system, machinery, tanks, separators, valving and labeling not in use. Throughout vessel, various diesel heaters in place with heaters, head and multiple items of shipboard equipment not in use. Installation of transfer pump for fuel tanks will, in theory, render fuel system operational.       During course of survey, galley examined with stainless steel counter/sink and Trausen double door refrigerator unit in place. Detail received that refrigerator unit operational. GE electronic Pantry Range in place and not tested. Overall, galley appears in good condition and with a little work, could be made operational.       Head examined and appears in good condition with two heads, two showers and basins, two basins (one of which has been removed) with need for transfer pump to septic system, which will then provide full onboard head, basins and showers with 12-gallon 110 volt water tank in place at time of survey. All domestic water systems, heaters not operational at time of survey.     OVERVIEW: appears as a 1954 LCU in good condition with rebuilt power and need for external shell re-plate, substantial repairs required to fwd. ramp, watertight doors require replacement of door seals, and full monitoring of bilge pumping system required. Further details supplied byn visible (telltale) water jets from water pumps to each engine, which would be visible from top station, advised, which will notify operator of pump failure should pump failure occur.      On tidal flat @ Pittsburgh, California                        May 19/2013