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1993 Judel Vrolijk 65

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General Information

Listing# 126609

545 000,00 €
At request, Croatia
Judel Vrolijk
Boat Type
Model Year
Year Built
Antique and Classic
Maximum Draft
Fuel Capacity
Water Capacity
Hull Material
Carbon Fiber
Deck Material
Fuel Tank Material
MTU Marine
Fuel Type
Number of Engines
Engine Horse Power
Engine Hours

General Details

?Katja of Bavaria? is a professionally maintained and luxury carbon made cruising sloop from Lütje Shipyard in Germany, designed by Judel/Vrolijk.

Quality and performance coming to the fore!

She is rich equipped and ready for cruising around the world with small crew.

Additional Equipment


Flag: United Kingdom

Builder: Lütje (Germany)

Designer: Judel/Vrolijk

Building number: 104


Hull & Construction

The design conforms to the requirements of the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

Planted is based on a GRP sandwich construction.

Epoxy resin / West System
Balsa core material
Laminated carbon / Glass hybrid laminate to plan

Floor plates
Distance from floor / keel area 500
Core of foam
Laminated glass

The outer skin is made from a sandwich construction with a 32 mm or 20 mm Durakore balsa wood core. Keel part full laminate.


The deck consists of a sandwich construction with a 20mm balsa core. In the field of fittings, the core material of plywood or a full-laminate.



Material: Nirosta

Fuel tank:

  • 2x cca. 800l
  • Suction and return lines to both tanks, lockable
  • Fuel lines in metal or oil resistant rubber hoses
  • Double fuel filter Racor with water
  • Level sensor VDO Fuel gauge 8600669

Fresh water tank capacity:

  • 2x Each cca. 650l
  • Fuel Gauge VDO 860769

Holding tank:

  • 450l holding tank to starboard
  • Display Mansfield contactor ¾ full with opt. Display and audible alarm
  • Venting to the mast

Grey water tank

  • 600l at BB display
  • Mansfield contactor ¾ full with opt. Display and audible alarm
  • Venting into the pole
  • Each tank filler tube with separate ventilation
  • Inspection openings (accessible), no 90 degree angled lines


Engine compartment

  • Engine model: MTU Marine (Diesel engine)
  • Engine power: 167HP
  • Engine working hours: 2190
  • Type: 6R 099 TA 91 (Based on the Mercedes Benz OM 366a)
  • Engine number: 366 901/400/211/241
  • 6-cylinder
  • Vertical in-line with charging
  • Heat exchanger cooling
  • Weight: 600 kg
  • Power consumption of approximately 6l
  • Oil type: 15 W-40, L 17 Max. Rimula
  • Starter 24 volt, 2-pole, insulated
  • Oil change system for engine casing pump with wings
  • Oil change system for the transmission casing with hand pump (Oil:Shell Donax TM)
  • Exhaust mixer for exhaust system (Special order) for exhaust hose NW 110 and connection for temperature measuring system (Welded construction made of stainless steel) with insulation to water injection.
  • 1 Instrument panel for outside steering position, version with alarm, tachometer with hour meter, oil pressure gauge, water temperature indicator, temperature measuring system, start / key switch, stop button, charging indicator including donors and 5 m cable harness with plug connection.
  • 2 rillige additional pulley for second light machine
  • Additional Alternator Bosch 28 Volt, 120 A, 2-pole, insulated, with fan, pulley and regulator
  • Ring clamping device for large power loss on the front end of the crankshaft



Adjustable propeller gearbox

  • Highly elastic coupling Zentamax, SB 800 60 Shore
  • Propeller shaft of stainless steel, 60 mm diameter, 2650 mm length of shaft flange and the

propeller scar, according to 40 Hours: propellers and control rod with grease gun (3-4 beats).

  • High-speed propeller blades 590 mm diameter, with electro-hydraulic actuator, with feedback for propeller pitch
  • Control panel with slope adjustment lever for servo control with indicator instrument for propeller pitch and key control for on / off-feathering
  • Cabinet to accommodate the electronics and the switching devices
  • HOLLEX-seal shaft seal, type HS 60 for 90 mm diameter stern tube connection
  • Racor water separator and filter, type 75/900 FG, switchable dual filter with water sensor displays in the cooling panel. Filter elements: Racor 2040 red 30 microns.
  • Single lever remote control, make Tecnoflex with blocked reverse position, mounted on the control panel
  • 2 switch cable, Type 33 C
  • Algae-X Diesel magnetic filter ½ "NPT




  • Fischer Panda 15, 230/400 Volt, 50 Hz, engine type D 1105 engine serial number 090276, version PMS, 3 cylinder Kubota diesel engine, 2-circuit cooling with electric starter, 3000 rev / min, fuel consumption 1.2 to 4.4 liters / h
  • Unit fully equipped with standard monitoring panel including automatic shutdown in case of coolant temperature and oil pressure drop (filing cabinet at the card table).
  • Maximum angle of inclination 25 °.
  • Oil type SAE 20 or 10W 30 In addition, a Ölvorfilter (alugrauer round cylinder on the port side of the engine compartment).
  • Filter change every 500 hours oil change. The under the hood mounted filter is about to be changed every 500 hours.


Bow thruster

  • Hydraulic drive - 25 kW (Foldout)
  • Mounted in the forepeak
  • Axial piston pump with load-sensing controller for low-loss operation of the system, vibration-free mounted at the angled, with flexible coupling for the connection motor / axial piston pump
  • Central valve block size 10 with proportional valve for controlling the direction and thrust of the thruster
  • Solenoid valve with flow and shut-off valve for folding and unfolding
  • Hand pump for folding the bow thruster failure of the hydraulic motor, mounted under the floor in the forepeak
  • Switch plate with proportional joystick for bow thruster thrust control, folding and unfolding of the bow thruster push-button switch


Rudder system

  • Hydraulic with control column, custom-made for recording various instruments
  • Steering wheel aluminum
  • Hand Hydraulic steering, 3 turns hard / hard, rudder angle 2 x 45 °, rudder torque max. 3.4 KNm
  • Hand pump 163 cc / rev, largely non-magnetic
  • Two rowing machine cylinder, Self aligning bearings on both sides with connecting hoses and bypass
  • A lock block size 20 with bypass valves (if rudder pressure should be felt on the steering wheel)
  • Steering of aluminum, bent to 120 cm in diameter, covered with leather, mounted on the front side of the steering column
  • Control column made of aluminum, to accommodate all the controls
  • VDO rudder angle indicator


Anchor systems

  • CQR 105 lbs - 48 kg
  • Hydraulic windlass with capstan head chain, Lewmar 3000, under engine cover, front operation with foot switch and remote control with electronic chain counter (Quick Type) as well as on the control column
  • Chain 13 mm, 90 m long
  • Nylon hawser, Quadro braid 18 mm, 100 m, stowed in lazarette on roll
  • Chain storage, in a separate box in the bow with trapdoor
  • Stern anchor in separate storage box in the rear, Baas-ball, 35 kg, 10 meters 8mm chain flow
  • Towline 28 mm, 2 x 40 meters Quadro (polyester) with eyes at each end in aft peak


Water systems
Fresh water system

  • Shurflo Smart Sensor 5.7 water pump pressure, flow 5.0 GPM SN 5901-0211 model 7370, 12 V 18 L / min, 4.5 bar with IVT voltage converter 24 V/12 V 20 Amp DC, Order No. 35219, mounted in the floor in front of crew toilet, selectable by a switch on the floor before pumping crew toilet
  • All water pipes in PP material, welded connections where possible, valves unscrewed
  • 75 liter hot water boiler type Rhine HZK 75, No. 921221, Material: SF Cu HH, heated by motor cycle or 220 volt heater type Rhine S / TH / RK / R 1 ½ "2000 W, No. 910328, pressure relief valve 6 bar ½"
  • Fresh water connection from the country directly to the system board, Gangwaykasten in connection with pressure regulator (Aft peak)
  • Dirt filter with replaceable filter cartridge type BWT D ¾ "with filter element No. 10994 (aft peak)
  • Separate faucet for water on the mounted under the sink combined bacterial carbon filter type Seagull IV X-1
  • All faucets mixer Ceramix (Ideal Standard)
  • Pantry mixer Hansa

Drainage system

  • Four sink, 1 galley basin(Corian), 3 showers over gradient lead in:
  • Grey water collection tank 15 L capacity, in integrated automatic electric pump, sewage pump type Rhine T Depth 230 mm electrically automatically by pressure switch and timer (mounted on the front end side main bilge) to pump into the main gray water tank (approximately 10 L level), additionally switch in main switchboard manually operated pump
  • Rhine pump, type M RG 24 volts (15 - 20 minutes liter capacity) electric, for emptying the gray water tanks, switched from main panel with no load protection installed in the tank
  • Dishwasher (Miele G 590 J) lenzt directly into the gray water tank (3.3 kW, 16 A)
  • Deck suction
  • All piping, if possible, from PP pipes


Bilge systems

  • Main bilge pump in the keel box, with electric bilge warning display and buzzer with the ship icon on the main panel
  • Separate engine bilge
  • Hand bilge pump for engine bilge, type: Raske & von der Meyde, Junior bilge pump mounted in the engine room
  • Electric bilge pump, type Badu 40, 220 V, after switching over to use as a deck wash pump, mounted in the engine room
  • Hand bilge pump, Type Henderson Mk V Double Action operated from the cockpit floor
  • All lines of welded PP pipes, with unscrewing Baren plastic valves
  • Warner Electric bilge Jabsco Hydro Air in the aft peak with the ship icon on the main panel display and audible warning
  • Electric bilge pump in the aft peak, Make Sealand T 24 from the main panel switchable
  • Warner Electric bilge in the forepeak, type Hella Marine
  • Bilge pump in the forepeak, type Sealand T 24 from the main panel switchable
  • Harken Power Pack bilge, bilge main in lenzt
  • Hydraulic bilge pump in the engine room type Johnson F 8B-8, Type 10-13021-1 k03, lenzt main bilge, switchable via pressure switch electrical box with auto idle protection


Seawater supply

  • Under the companionway 2 seawater valves to port and starboard, above
  • 2 seawater filter type Guidi Bronze Type 1164-1166 1 ½ inches (Rhine)
  • Central distribution box outlets for engine, generator, water purifier and deck wash pump



  • 4 Vacuum-WCX Mansfield, type 506 white No. 450601 each with its own vacuum tank
  • Belko Triton-B Pump for 4 vacuum toilets for the construction of the vacuum and transport of fecal matter in the separate holding tank
  • Rhine pump type M RG 24 volts (15 - 20 minutes liter capacity) for emptying the Pumping

       Station electrically controllable via control panel

  • Deck with connecting IsoDeck fitting for suction
  • All piping, if possible, from PP pipes or gas-tight tubes



  • Natural ventilation for each room (sea bream), 8 x Niro (Sailtec), 4 x Plastic Type Plastimo
  • Hatches to use for each room, partly as an emergency exit
  • Insertable screens for all hatches and companionway washboard instead
  • Electrical supply fan for engine compartment aft peak
    220 V, thermostat-controlled air opening in the engine compartment
  • Electrical exhaust for Pantry
  • Electrical exhaust for owner and guest toilet toilet, over time switch
  • Circulating fans in all the rooms (Pabst fan) quiet running


Cooking and gas installations

  • Force 10 gas stove, 3 burner with oven, hung gimbled, version in stainless steel
  • Hood
  • Moulinex Microwave oven (FMB 340, GSB BR) Micro 1000 W, 1500 W Grill
  • Three camping gas bottles of 3 kg in the aft peak in a locked room with drain overboard installed
  • Two-cylinder system Caramatic for 2 gas bottles, with Truma electromagnetic valve to operate the pantry on remote switch
  • Gas 8x1 SS 1.4571.
  • Induction hob Casa



  • Bottles in the refrigerator, custom built, operated from the salon, electronically controlled via control panel at the navigation station
  • Normal refrigerator to operate the pantry, electronically controlled via the control panel navigation area
  • 220 volt compressor together for 11.1 and 11.2, water cooled, separate control valves, refrigerant: R134A
  • Freezer, pantry out of to use about 80 liters, electronically controlled via the control panel navigation area
  • Second freezer to use Navi-seat, 80 liter, electronically controlled via the control panel navigation area
  • 220 volt compressor together for 11.4 and 11.5, water cooled, separate control valves, refrigerant R 22
  • Frozen switching electronics thermometer for 1 freezer type MTA 11
  • Refrigerator thermometer switching electronics for 1 Refrigerator Type MTR 11
  • 2 Shell and tube condensers one for each compressor (sea water cooling)
  • BADU 40/8 220 V bilge pump as a cooling water pump
  • Ice maker Tchibo



  • Eberspacher heating, fitted in the aft peak, hot water mode, type D7W 24 W, heating capacity 7000 W, serial number 01153
  • Aluminum radiators in all the rooms, size of heating, thermostat control on each radiator
  • Heating circuit, separate hot water circulation pump installed, and run along the heat pump for the cooling makes not necessary, type Grundfos KP 15-35 20 x 24 VDC Model No. N 401
  • Conditioning thermostat Landis & Gyr M 1251



Type H.E.M. 20-800, 4000 L/24h at 25 ° C water temperature and salt concentration of 35,000 ppm, 2.1 kW, 220 Volt. Siemens SIRIUS 3RW30 Electronic Soft Starters



  • Electric plans generally, cooling system, central hydraulics, propellers and rake aggregate Segatron
  • The entire electrical wiring system is wired 2-pole and secured by Masse. Cable quality in accordance with GL Rules, in the engine compartment MGCG marine cable, 220 volt cable in rubber HO / RNNF, lighting cables and small loads in 2-pin FLKK. All cables in cable ducts or pipes, tied visible in the engine compartment on cable trays. All cables with cable lugs.
  • Main switchboard, separated for 220 volts and 24 volts, with all necessary switches, pilot lamps, fuses, circuit breakers and digital volt, ampere and consumption measuring.
  • Chain plates are grounded for lightning protection on the keel bolts
  • Electric remote controlled solenoid switches for main machine 240 A, 120 A generator mounted on landing outside normal refrigerator, and consumer 240 A, type ETA, mounted behind the flap Navisitz.
  • Starter batteries VARTA 2 x12 volt, 135 AH 635 045 068 I9W Art 12V/135 AH 680A, mounted in battery box under galley floor
  • Generator starter battery Varta Black Dynamic F, 12 volt, battery box mounted under Pantryboden, maintenance-free
  • Service batteries Banner, Dry Type Bull DB 6/180, No. 04051180/0306 6 volt, 20 x 180 AH results in 900 AH 24 Volt, mounted in battery boxes under the seat in front bulkhead in salon and under bench seat to port shore, mounted storage box on deck aft with two chargers, Mastervolt 24 Volt, 100 A, mounted in forepeak, switchable four-fold switch in the main switchboard.
  • A voltage converter Mastervolt 24 Volt volt/220, 6000 W mounted in the engine room, switched via switch quad and dual switches on the main switchboard
  • A voltage converter Mastervolt Dakar sine 24/5000, mounted in forepeak, switched via switch quad and dual switches on the main switchboard



  • Saloon and galley 6 ceiling lights, 4 dimmable with dimmer switch on main switch panel, 2 card table illuminations Bosch copilot L separately switchable, four Cabinlamps saloon and chart table, in all chambers each with 2 ceiling lights, 2 Cabinlamps in owner's cabin cabinet interior lighting, toilet room guests and owners mirror lamp, ceiling lamp
    Forepeak damp-proof 24 volt and 220 volt
    Aft peak damp-proof 24 volt and 220 volt
    Engine room damp-proof 24 volt and 220 volt
    Owner's cabin 2 ceiling lights, 2 Cabin reading lights
    Toilet room owner 2 ceiling lights
  • Running Lights portside and starboard, mounted in the basket,
    Type P + B 400
  • Rear light mounted in the rear basket, type P + B 400
  • Steaming light, type P + B 400, 25 A (with removable bottom cover lamp replacement)
  • Deck lighting, the front of the mast, as well as two large tree lighting for cockpit, a large tree light for gangway
  • Two-color light with anchor light mounted on top of the mast, type P + B ADA 426
  • Running Lights monitoring Philippi
  • Horn, AQUA-type signal, the radar mast on
  • Kerosene lamp round white light DHR, stowed in the forepeak
  • 220 volt outlets, forepeak, aft peak, machinery space,
    All washrooms, lounge, chart table, galley
  • 24-volt power outlets, forepeak, aft peak, chart table,
     decline stb. In steering column and engine room


Navigation instruments

  • B & G Hydra 2000
  • Speedometer with paddle donor
  • Sounder
  • Airspeedindicator
  • B & G compass Halcion, 2000, B & G H-series expansion processor
  • Analog displays for log, echo, wind speed and wind direction for the decline
  • B & G multifunction instrument at the card table, controller and owner's cabin
  • EchoPilot FS predictive sounder for the decline in the cockpit
  • Yaesu FRG 100 world receiver with external speakers in cockpit
  • Sailor RT 2048 VHF radio with external speaker in the cockpit
  • Furuno 1830 radar, mounted radome antenna on the decline
  • Radar monitor FMD in 1800, mounted on card table
  • SDGPS plotter Simrad CP 42 MK II, connected to B & G system to stern rail stb card table, GPS antenna.
  • Plotter Simrad DS 42 sunview second station, cockpit table cards
  • ESB FMD-50 receiver, pull the card table fitted with printer
  • Multi-delta antenna for VHF marine radio, ESB / Navtex, radio FM / AM / LW, TV, D-net, C network
  • Near steering wheel Suunto
  • Electronic barograph Meteo Liner
  • Yeoman Sport, connected at the chart table and cockpit
  • Autopilot Segatron connected to B & G wind, B & G compass and Halcion
  • C & P magnetic compass mounted on the passage to guest chambers on the ceiling
  • Course Selector on the decline and helm


Communication and entertainment

  • Car Radio MP3/CD Receiver Alpine CDE 103BT
  • Remote control Alpine RUE-M 1RF
  • 4x Speakers in salon (2 Polko EX 625 with 6 ½ ") 2 waterproof outdoor speakers in the cockpit (Outdoor UV Resistant 502)
  • Radio-CD player Alpine 7802 M in the owner's cabin
  • Amplifier Signato ROC MK II at the chart table
  • LCD TV Toshiba 20 VL 64
  • Satellite antenna EPAK Basic Line TV 44
  • Grundig SAT Systems Digital Satellite Receiver 1080 CI

Deck equipment, blocks, winches

  • 8x 40 cm long stainless steel cleats
  • 2 Pickup for plug-deck crane integrated into rear stanchions
  • Slot-deck crane (After peak)
  • Stainless steel bow and stern pulpit 70 cm high above the deck
  • Stainless steel stanchions with wire rim holes to open in mid-ship as each passage on either side passages to open up the front with pelican hooks (for spinnaker sheets).
  • Two barbs for water and diesel
  • A suction clip for faeces
  • Four scuppers on deck
  • Two scuppers in the cockpit
  • Eight Niro fan bream, six of them in the bow area with stainless steel bracket (Sailtec)
  • Four plastic bream fan for forward and aft peak (Plastimo)Blocks to complete Harken deck plan
  • Fully hydraulic winches Harken 17.3 (2 x 980.2 3 x 64.2)
  • Mechanical winch on the mast preventer from Harken
  • Hydraulic Passarella Fontanel fixed to the rear, foldable, hydraulic unit in the aft peak, remote controllable Nice bio BT4K 40.685 MHz



  • Cockpit table with hinged sides and top of storage option with a removable lid and bottom of the side over the swallow
  • Teak on the cockpit floor
  • Compass mounted on table
  • Teak 12 mm on the seats in the cockpit and on the structure
  • On aft deck, a storage box for gangway
  • Forepeak for fenders and lines
  • Large pre-and aft peak


Hatches and windows

  • Hatches and windows, make Gebo, according Deck Plan (foredeck hatch 800 x 800), windows and hinged window in the building and in the cockpit sides for drawing
  • Fixed window for part of the spray hood with folding center section for ventilation, mounted on a fold-away spray hood
  • Bimini Wendling


Mast and boom

  • Carbon mast Omohundro
  • Furling tree carbon P-Line / Ciotec / Sander
  • Mast with hydraulic lifting device type Enerpac (Yellow Leitz folder aft cabin)
  • Spinlock ZS Jammers Maxi 1618 (Yellow Leitz folder aft cabin)
  • Batten Traveler Harken system C (Yellow Leitz folder aft cabin)


Sailing hydraulic

  • Harken powerpack, modified by Sander, controlled by hydraulic motor or two 24 volt motors (Yellow Leitz folder aft cabin)
  • Line management system (Sander)
  • Hydraulic furling boom (Sander), oil type NUTO 40, Navtec hydraulic jib for 1 and 2 jib boom and outhaul
  • Navtec hydraulic (Yellow Leitz folder aft cabin)


Standing and running rigging

  • 3 spreader rig with swept spreaders Rod without backstays
  • 1 + jib staysail furler Harken hydraulic (yellow Leitz folder aft cabin)
  • Load sensing controller for the forestay and the staysail (yellow Leitz folder
    Aft cabin)


General conditions

Sail area

  • Sail area 225 m2
  • Spinnaker 400 m2
  • Genoa 125 m2
  • Jib 62 m2
  • Mainsail 120 m2

Other dimensions

  • Height of mast above Sheerline i.m. 26.80 m
  • J 7.85m
  • JI 5.50 m
  • P 23.50 m
  • E 7.30m



  • In the mast area a main bulkhead is provided consisting of a sandwich construction with a PVC core with the plywood is covered
  • All other bulkheads are Marine plywood manufactured
  • For the interior Matt light varnished teak (At least 4x) is used


Chainplates, bow and stern bracket

  • Chain plates are made of stainless steel V4A.
  • Forestay is in the bow fitting integrated
  • 1 anchor roller integrated into stanchion aft


Upholstery / Curtains

  • Latex foam covered with fabric, curtains in saloon and master chamber to measure



  • Hull and superstructure in white Awlgrip Matterhorn STL according to specification (epoxy microlite, Awlgripprimer)
  • Underwater International Micron Optima, substructure according to specification, Water pass International Inter Speed Ultra
  • Bilge with bilge paint
  • Nose and main screw with antifouling according to manufacturer's instructions
  • DD Epifanes wood finish matt varnish topcoat 2-component paint


Safety equipment

  • Liferaft 8 Type S Pacific floor under the decline
  • 2 Solid west Sekumar 17
  • Comet C Item No. 1205
  • Emergency antenna mounted on the rear
  • SPEEDYMAT Rettungstalje (Cockpit table)
  • Marine Pool 4 lifejackets 150 EN-396 + 2 spinlock Deckvests
  • Automatic buoy Jonbuoy
  • Kerosene lamp (Forepeak)


Additional equipment

  • 6 Mooring slip stone Bavaria
  • 7 Rubber fenders + fender covers
  • Flagstick
  • Bosun's chair (forepeak) 1 x + 1 x SwissTec Spinnlock
  • Sailing tool
  • 2 Boat hooks
  • 8 Buoys mountain top Swisstech
  • Mooringleinenfänger
  • Hand speaker (decline)
  • Flare gun and ammo (decline)
  • Steiner binoculars Commander III
  • Handbearing compass
  • Manual headlight waterproof (Decline)
  • Maglite rechargeable flashlight (at chart table)
  • Manual headlight waterproof 24 volt for the decline Aquasignal
  • ZUWA pump Unistar 2000 2800 A, 230 V
  • Safe owner's cabin
  • Tender AVON 3:11 + BRAVO BST 12 HP air compressor
  • Outboard Torqeedo Travel 1003 S
  • 1 HT 50 VHF handheld radio with charger
  • 2 Fans Honeywell HT 530E
  • Miele vacuum cleaner Duoflex
  • Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (Galley) Black & Decker
  • RuXXac-Cart Dolly aft peak
  • 2  DiBlasi
  • Metabo bending wave
  • Makita angle drill rechargeable
  • Hand Pump Par
  • Winch vice-Mate
  • BBQ
  • Fine Angle
  • 451 Bosch Ixo cordless screwdriver
  • 2 operating radios for intercom operation
  • Cobra Micro Talk PMR 100 with headset
  • Scuba tank
  • Mückengitter Gebo window
  • Rain Cover Gebo windows (no Type ref. Available)
  • Karcher Pressure Washer 2500 plus
  • Freediver Boatdecksnorkel
  • Headlamp Lucido T5
  • Baby Monitor
  • Ship Wempe Chronometer chrome-plated brass
    Chrome plated brass thermometer hydro Wempe
  • Bosch Cordless Multi-Sander 3 603J197.
  • Makita angle grinder BGA 452 + Charger
  • Makita cordless work light BML 184
  • Distance measuring PCE-LRF 600