Latest: Used Boat Review: Tiara 5200 Express

tiara_5200_express_01 By Jason Y. Wood Sometimes to glimpse the future, you have to look into the past. Let me take this idea a little further with a simple question: How do you know that you’re looking at the future until you get there, and see what it holds? It feels like a strange way to think, but that’s just how I felt about a 2000 Tiara 5200 Express when I started talking to the owner, a dealer, and a couple of brokers. They all began pointing out features on the boat that made me look at it in a whole new light: Specifically the harsh light of reality in the present. And as you’ll see, the boat stood up very well.  (more…)

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Used Boat Review: Ocean Alexander 50

By Jason Y. Wood Sometimes cruisers looking for a new boat may remind their brokers of a character from a children’s story. They crane their necks into the doorways of staterooms, peek into lockers, and glance into heads, all the while murmuring to themselves, “This is too small.” Then they get into the engine room, […]

Used Boat Review: Sabre Hardtop 38 Express

By Jason Y. Wood The demand for Down East-style boats has been an unmistakable, seemingly unstoppable trend. It’s hard to deny the rise in popularity of “blue hulls” (in industry parlance, thanks to a common paint job lots of them seem to sport) as builders in recent years have pushed the upper limits of the […]

Used Boat Review: Krogen Express 53

A lot of experienced cruisers will tell you that the term “fast trawler” is an oxymoron: A real trawler must have a displacement-style hull, and any boat that is fast must have a planing hull. Never the twain shall meet.

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By Capt. Richard Thiel Veteran Explorer Can you buy a proven passagemaker with a classic profile and a flawless pedigree for a mere fraction of her replacement? Above All may be the turnkey answer.

Used Boat Review: Riviera 48

By Capt. Richard Thiel Riviera was a name unfamiliar to many Americans—especially those on the east coast—when the 48 landed on our shores in 1998, but the brand was already making a name for itself here, just as it had in Australia.

Used Boat Review: MJM 34z

By Steve Knauth Charles and Marjie Gentry went to the 2008 Miami International Boat Show looking for a powerboat, something around 34 feet with a traditional feel.

Used Boat Review: Huckins Yachts

By Steve Knauth One of the advantages of buying a used boat is that you can apply the four Rs — repower, rewire, repaint, and redecorate—to enhance its performance, improve its looks, and turn it into your very own.

Used Boat Review: Hatteras 40 Double Cabin

By Steve Knauth Dick Mather and the Connecticut River are old friends. Mather grew up in Deep River, Connecticut, boating on the broad expanse that conveniently runs through his hometown. And a 12-foot rowboat with a 5-horsepower Johnson was all he needed to explore the inlets and backwaters from Hamburg Cove to Selden Creek. At […]

Used Boat Review: Sea Ray 390

By Steve Knauth Talk about home waters. Larry Young has been boating on the rivers and lakes of eastern Tennessee just about all his life, and he’s done it in a variety of boats. His first was a 16-foot runabout with an outboard, perfect for a youngster to mess about in. Nine more boats followed, […]

Used Boat Review: Grand Banks 38 Eastbay EX

By Steve Knauth Bill and Nancy Webster have spent a lifetime boating together, dividing the duties and sharing the work and the pleasures of their avocation. So when it came time to downsize from their much-loved 42-foot trawler, the couple from Clinton, Connecticut, shared the buying experience, too. And the Grand Banks 38 Eastbay EX […]

Used Boat Review: Viking 35

By Steve Knauth When looking for a used boat, the local waters often help determine the size and type to go after. Take New Jersey’s coastal lagoons, inlets, and Barnegat Bay. The nearshore waters and inlets can change quickly, and the waters in the bay are shallow and often choppy.

North Pacific 42 Pilothouse

By Steve Knauth The North Pacific 42 Pilothouse adds shelter for the helmsman to a roomy layout and ends up with a versatile cruising package. Mike and Lois Fannon used to sit on their houseboat listening to visiting cruisers talk about doing the Great Loop. At one point a few years ago, they looked at […]

Westport 112 Video Review

The Westport 112 is the quintessential modern motoryacht. Designed by Jack Sarin and built at Westport’s shipyard in Seattle, the 112 can sleep 10 guests and 5 crew in luxurious accommodations with two different floor plans–master up or master down. She boats a beam of 23’1” and a relatively shallow draft of just 5’6”, making […]

Used Boat Review: Post 50

By Scott Shane Russell Post built the first vessel to carry his name in 1957 after leaving Egg Harbor Yachts, which he cofounded. Over the next four-plus decades a loyal throng of Post owners came to appreciate the economical ride and massive interiors of the boats he first fabricated in wood, then later in fiberglass. […]

Used Boat Review: Boston Whaler 16/17

By Scott Shane The original, unsinkable, unmistakable Boston Whaler 16 (shown) was first introduced in 1961. It’s my unsubstantiated observation that this model was, and continues to be, the overwhelming favorite introductory vessel for novice boaters. Its styling and sturdiness make it the perfect boat for beginners and young family members to pilot confidently on […]

Used Boat Review: Broward 100

By Scott Shane The Broward 100 always appealed to yachtsmen with vision—and still should. If you build two boats the same, you haven’t learned anything,” is a motto often attributed to Broward Yachts. While it makes sense, that philosophy also makes you realize this is not a typical production builder. Each yacht has different capacities, […]

Used Boat Review: MJM 34z

By Steve Knauth Charles and Marjie Gentry went to the 2008 Miami International Boat Show looking for a powerboat, something around 34 feet with a traditional feel.

Used Boat Review: Donzi Sweet 16

By Steve Knauth According to Dr. Stuart Miller, “medical research has demonstrated that repeatedly placing a child in a boat produces a lifelong boater.” And the good doctor should know; he’s living proof.