Virginia Belle

The Zimmerman 38 melds a Down East sensibility with custom Virginia boatbuilding in a cruiser with comfort, economy, and speed.

Down for Anything

The Palm Beach 55 is a luxurious, highly customizable Down East-style cruiser from Down Under.

Goin’ Goin’ Gone

The Hunt 52 combines yachty elegance with rousing, military-spec performance.

High Flyer

The Hinckley T34 is a peppy craft that uses jet power to deliver the joy of boating.

Dream Machine

The traditional-looking Bruckmann Abaco 40 is a sweetly performing, efficient powerboat.

Down and Back

Join a cruise on the Back Cove Downeast 37 and gain an appreciation for the details.

A Cut Above

this Sabre 38 Salon Express slices waves without cutting efficiency.

Beauty and Brawn

This express proves fine lines and tough construction can exist in perfect harmony.

Play Time

The MJM 36z Downeast has a profile that lingers in the workboat realm while belying some forward-thinking design.

Old Salt

The Hunt 44 carries the brand’s classic, Down East style in a thoroughly new package.

It All Adds Up

If boating is a math problem, Hinckley’s new Talaria 48 provides one solution.

Down East Distinction

Grand Banks intros a cutting-edge interpretation of the lobsteryacht – the 46 Eastbay SX.

Front to Back

The Back Cove 37 is a stylish and genteel cruiser that doesn’t lack for much of anything.