Bobby Nofsigner

Yacht Broker

Bobby was born and raised in Tampa, Florida where he enjoyed playing baseball and football. He married his high school sweetheart and is celebrating their 20-year wedding anniversary on April 2019. Bobby began working in the Automobile business for a few very successful years, becoming a sales manager at a major car dealership at the age of 20. He was later approached by his brother-in-law Dick Lazzara at the age of 21 with an opportunity to sell yachts. Working at the Lazzara Yachts Factory Broker for almost 10 years, Bobby received an unrivaled education and amazing amount of overall yachting experience. In 2016, Bobby founded Vision Yacht Group. This experience compelled him to join Denison Yachting Superyacht Division. Bobby is ambitious, highly motivated, reliable and dedicated to giving his clients the best customer service whether buying or selling. He looks forward to working with you and your family to make the process a pleasurable experience.

Phone 1-954-763-3971
The Quay
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