Capt. Bill Harris CPYB

Sales Executive

Captain Bill Harris was fortunate growing up to spend half the year on a farm in Monkton, Maryland, and the other half at a house on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. Here on the Bay he found his true love of boating that has only grown over the years. About the time Bill graduated from college he found himself volunteering to help Dennis and Joyce Maud commission their third Krogen, a 42'. While doing this he developed his love of the Krogen trawler yacht. Right off he recognized the quality inherently built into the boat and when he was offered a chance to sell them he jumped at the opportunity. Later he and his wife, Tracie, bought their own Krogen and lived aboard for six years on the Chesapeake. After being liveaboards for over 12 years, the Harrises moved to Florida to work out of the Stuart office and live ashore now. Still, they look forward to their next Krogen and being able to explore like the vessels are built to do.

610 NW Dixie Highway