Chelsea Carter

Raised on the beaches here in her home state of Florida, Chelsea has a true passion for the water- and getting people in it.

 Originally setting her sights toward study Marine Biology on the New River itself, Chelsea is well versed in the ocean and all it has to offer, wether from schooling, training, or actively enjoying it herself through a wide array of water sports.

  It’s not uncommon to spot her anywhere on a vessel, as she worked the most basic jobs in the Maritime Industry to pursue her passion and share it with her community, lending hands-on experience and foresight to hopeful owners and crew members alike. Doing so led her from a pontoon boat cruising the New River, to captaining boats to Canada, managing a fleet in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, and now joining Chris at My Yacht Sales to provide you with an unforgettable charter or a yacht of your own.

  Chelsea still works with countless high achieving members of the industry and local community, including that of her cherished Bahamian friends, giving her a unique and coveted map of resources to assist anyone in need. Even in her younger years, the urge to succeed drove her to help operate multiple businesses successfully under the tutelage of her family and studies in International Business, and it’s still recognizable today. 

  It’s difficult to say which yacht she likes the most, but she’ll have no issue finding which one you do. 

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