Chris Crane

Yacht Broker

Hailing from the Hoosier state, Evansville, IN to be precise, Chris has been on, in, and around the water since the start.  The Ohio River Valley was his home for fishing, water sports, camping, and cruising the river.  As time went on, Kentucky Lake became his new bathtub.  Once a year, you can find Chris and his family at the lake soaking up some rest and relaxation.

After retreating from the Hoosier state to attend the University of Kentucky and become a Wildcat, he moved on to expand his knowledge of the marine world in Savannah, GA.  There, he received a master's in industrial design, specifically focusing on marine design.  This propelled him into the marine industry as he began a career in project management, design, and marketing at three different catamaran manufacturers in the Outer Banks, NC.  With family in FL and drawn to the South, Chris made his final move down to St. Petersburg where he then joined our team.

When it comes to business, Chris has embraced a collaborative spirit with clients that ensures he fully understands customer wants.  His idea of a successful deal is managing a smooth transaction for clients, and most importantly, creating a strong foundation that can grow as clients upsize and downsize over the years.  He’s always available and happy to help, even if it’s just to chat.  Whatever your interest on the water, Chris will be there for you every step of the way.

Phone 813.773.6686
360 Central Ave
Suite 800
Saint Petersburg , Florida 33703
United States