Jamie Deehan

Jamie Deehan grew up along the eastern shores of South Africa, hailing from a family of sailors and divers, the Indian Ocean was his home.

Racing monohulls as a teen and managing SCUBA operations from South Africa to Zanzibar gave Jamie all the skills he needed to build a career in the yachting industry. 10 years and over 20,000 NM later, Jamie has been a full time liveaboard, delivery skipper and professional Captain, running and managing everything from 30ft monohulls to 110ft Trimarans throughout the East Coast of the USA and the Caribbean.

Jamie has a passion for design and is intimate with the inner workings of a multitude of vessels. He has run vessels through the rough surf of the shores of the Indian Ocean, captained a one-off, custom-built aluminum Trimaran in the Caribbean and managed new builds, liaising directly with the factories of luxury catamaran manufacturers in France.

His vast and varied experience combined with his years of living on yachts whilst running successful term charters for thousands of happy guests, gives Jamie the ability to accurately guide clients on their journey to purchasing and outfitting a vessel ideal for their individual needs. 

Jamie and his wife Susannah met sailing the Caribbean, their love for being on the ocean and the freedom being on a vessel brings is the foundation of their marriage and a huge part of what drives Jamie to share this passion with his clients.

International house 10
Beaufort Court
London E14 9XL
United Kingdom
Boat Listings

2005 44' Hunter

Cabins 2 Heads 2
Annapolis, Maryland, United States