Jaroslaw Salmi

Yacht Broker

JAROS Salmi has been in the nautical environment since the 80’s as a boat Captain and has extensive experience in the administrative, financial and sales field.

He was a Skipper for more than 20 years and won multiple championships in Brazil like Regatta Santos-Rio, Circuito Rio, Campeoneato Brasileiro, Semana de Vela de Ilha Bela, Recife Fernando de Noronha, Campeonato Santista, among others.

In 2008 he was invited to move to United States to work in the administrative field. Since then, despite working in the corporate world during the week, on the weekends, the sea remained his main form of exercise and pleasure and he had the opportunity to explore the Caribbean Sea, North Atlantic and sometimes, the Mediterranean sea.

His experience in the administrative, financial, and sales fields included relationships with European, American, Central, and South American companies. Because of his diverse relationships he speaks 3 languages: Spanish, Portuguese and English.

He is a perfectionist and a master of details so when he started his Yachts Management Company he always referred people to agents to attend to his own clients. He decided instead to have his own license and started in the field with excellence.

Now, his experience inside yachts, that he has accumulated during the years include: knowledge with engines, yacht technology, electrical parts, among others. His expertise is helping people find exactly what they need when it is time to buy a boat.

His intimacy with boats and his passion are a plus to work with as an agent to find a balance between your needs, your dream and the perfect boat function, including knowledge in all the details and luxury aspects to find his client the perfect boat.

Email jaros@unitedyacht.com
URL https://www.miamiyachtsforsale.com/