Jim Derks

Sales & Brokerage Executive

Growing up in Boca Raton, on the water or at the beach is where you would find me. After High School, I got scuba certified, purchased a sailboat, and acquired my captains license. I got involved in a local dive shop while owning and running two construction companies. Spent a lot of time cruising the Bahamas and local waters in my sailboat and Sport Yachts for business and pleasure. Sold my company’s just before the crash in 2008 and was invited to help start a Yacht Sales Company. 

I chose to work for Grande Yachts because of there reputation in the Yacht Sales Industry. Business integrity is important to me and guiding new friends on the water one sale at a time. 

My greatest accomplishment is Being creative in life and in business. I am happy to help my clients with: Ownership of a Yacht is a great life-enriching asset. I try to find the right yacht that fits them and I work hard to present and display there yacht to the market when its time to sell. 

Email jderks@owyg.com
Phone 754-354-0400
821 NE Third Street
URL www.OWYG.com