Keith Corso

Yacht Broker

As a Yacht Broker, I am able to combine my passion for helping people and my lifetime hobby and love of boating into one rewarding occupation. I grew up on the eastern end of Long Island. From a very early age my parents had me at the beach and on our boat all summer, every summer. I developed a passion for the sea very quickly. As an adult I was able to finally relocate to Tampa where I am able to enjoy the warm weather and water all year long. Coming from my background in the financial services industry, I love helping people by providing thoughtful guidance and value in areas that are very important to them such as finances. The most valuable asset we have is time. Purchasing a boat is a very big decision and has a great bearing on how we spend our free time with the people most important to us.

Whether it be the financial services industry, the yachting industry, or any industry for that matter the most important common denominator is people and relationships formed by helping them. I have a passion for cultivating great relationships with my clients and being their most valuable resource when it comes to anything boating. Boating is a lifestyle and buying a boat is a journey that brings much joy. It is always an honor for me to be a part of that for my clients and stay with them on their quest to enjoy the boating lifestyle for years to come.

12030 N. Gandy Blvd
Saint Petersburg , Florida 33370
United States