Kelly McKinney

Kelly has spent most of his life on or around the water. He spent many summers in the San Juan Islands fishing, boating, sailing, and waterskiing. His Helped his parents run their charter service out of Fisherman’s Bay and spent many hours exploring on his 13 ft. Whaler with his younger brother. He got his first boat as a freshman in high school and has had a boat moored on the Columbia since 1972. He has been in construction for 42 years and is now chasing his passion for selling yachts with W S Yacht Brokers.

Phone 1-971-803-4097
909 N Tomahawk Island Drive
Suite 104
Portland , Or 97217
Boat Listings

2003 21' Malibu

Vancouver, Washington, United States
Kelly McKinney - W S Yacht Brokers

1990 34' Carver

Heads 1
Dolphin Dreams
Portland, Oregon, United States
Kelly McKinney - W S Yacht Brokers