Kerry Hucul

Managing Director & Charter Broker

To say that Kerry has comprehensive knowledge of every facet of the yachting industry would be a gross understatement.In 2012 Kerry created H2O Luxury Yachts. She continued crewing her own charters as well as building up her brokering business for a year and in 2013, armed with over a decade of knowledge and experience, she made the decision to devote all of her time to H2O.

Kerry is no stranger to owning and operating her own business. She comes from a hospitality and public relations background in dinner theaters and large hotels. Using her expertise in these fields she even owned and ran her own restaurant for seven years.

Kerry also started her own travel agency in the nineties.

Not to be outdone, from 2017 till 2019 Kerry and H2O created a bareboat company and built a marina in Australia.

Kerry’s deep knowledge of every aspect of the yachting trade empowers her to book, plan and execute your perfect getaway in a way that very few brokers can. Recently we have stepped into listing select yachts for sale which you can view on here.

Phone 1-954-271-3005
8 the Green
Delaware , Delaware 19901
United States