Kevin Murray

Kevin Murray grew up on the shore of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin where he enjoyed boating on freshwater lakes and rivers. After high school, he joined the US Air Force, traveled Europe extensively, and had a unique opportunity to become a member of an Italian boating and fishing club. Having explored and fished the rivers and tributaries of the Adriatic Sea, just north of Venice, needless to say, were priceless.

After his military service, Kevin moved to Massachusetts, obtained his engineering degree, and enjoyed a rewarding and humbling 20+ year engineering career on the frontier of drug therapy development for rare genetic diseases worldwide. Kevin spent his spare time trailering his sport boat to as many coastal water regions as possible, thus ultimately leading him to reside in Westport MA.

While continuing his career, he realized a shortcoming of how to safely and neatly stow the second stern / storm anchor aboard when not in use, hence AnchorSuit® was developed and patented. After spending nearly all of his vacation days attending boat shows successfully promoting AnchorSuit, and meeting industry marine experts from around the world, a paradigm shift began to occur from the corporate career to a marine and boating lifestyle career.

During those years Kevin successfully transitioned from full-time corporate to full-time marine industry with experiences working as a yacht broker, working for a super yacht outfitter based in Florida.

Kevin’s breadth and scope of professional experience, as well as his personal drive, are just a few key tenets as to why you can call upon him as a trusted and caring resource for your boating needs.

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