Matthew Ramos

Matthew Ramos developed a passion for the maritime industry from a young age. At the age of 17, he purchased his first boat, which became a platform for practical learning and hands-on experience in various tasks. Matthew honed his boating skills by rebuilding engines, working on fiberglass, rewiring electronics, as well as replacing throttle and steering cables.

For the past 10 years, Matthew has been an integral part of the yachting industry. He started his journey as a yacht chef and first mate, accumulating a wealth of experience and earning more than a dozen maritime certifications. Embracing a freelance career as a yacht chef, Matthew had the opportunity to work on a diverse range of yachts, constantly expanding his knowledge and skill set.

During his time in the yachting industry, Matthew collaborated with engineers on various projects such as servicing water maker membranes, replacing alternators on MTU main engines and cleaning and servicing the sea strainers. Leveraging his diving certification, he dedicated two summers to bottom cleaning yachts of all sizes and performing tasks such as changing props and zincs.

With his maritime background, Matthew now serves as a yacht broker, where his expertise proves invaluable. His comprehensive understanding of galley accommodations enables him to offer expert advice on optimizing a yacht's culinary capabilities, enhancing the onboard experience for potential buyers. Matthew's extensive experience in different galley options allows him to provide guidance on food service, including layouts, kitchen equipment selection, functionality, space optimization, ventilation, refrigeration, and storage considerations.

Matthew’s natural charisma, excellent communication skills, and keen business acumen contribute to his ability to connect with clients, understand their specific desires and guide them through the yacht purchasing or selling process with confidence and ease. Matthew's personable approach ensures that his clients feel heard and supported throughout their journey, fostering lasting relationships built on trust.

Phone 1-954-525-6617
1500 Cordova Road
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Fort Lauderdale , Florida 33316
United States
Boat Listings

2002 ' Knight & Carver

Mar Jon
Wilmington, North Carolina, United States
Matthew Ramos - Luke Brown Yachts

2008 ' Tiara Yachts

Tiara Yachts: 3900 Sovran
Marco Island, Florida, United States
Matthew Ramos - Luke Brown Yachts