Michael K. Martin

Yacht Broker

Michael was born and raised in the lower peninsula of Michigan and was exposed early to the waters of the Great Lakes, spending a good amount of his childhood enjoying fishing and pleasure cruising on these waters. Michael enlisted in the United States Navy as an Electronic Technician and spent over four years at sea in the Mediterranean, North Atlantic, Caribbean and Western Pacific.

As an honorably discharged veteran of the Persian Gulf War, Michael made the decision to take the skills and experiences he acquired during his military service to the civilian market where he has spent over 20 years in various technology related industries and business operations roles. Michael holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Management from Indiana Wesleyan University and his international business experience provides him with an exceptional foundation to manage all aspects of the yacht buying and selling business worldwide.

Michael joined Curtis Stokes in 2013 looking for a new adventure in the yacht brokerage business, following his passion for boating. Michael is the senior yacht broker with Curtis Stokes & Associates, Inc. He focusing almost exclusively on assisting great loop members to help them find the right boat for their adventure and sell the boat when they are ready.

Michael continues to own and operate his Great Loop yacht, The Perch out of Charleston, SC where he is also the harbor host. He completed the Great Loop in the 2016-2017 fleet and is planning to get his platinum status in 2022. Michael’s love of the water and boating continues below the surface as he is a certified scuba diver, diving primarily in Mexico and Florida. Additionally Michael holds a Private Pilot’s license.

Michael can be reached by email at Michael@CurtisStokes.net or by phone at 440.781.8201.

Michael Martin is a graduate of the Yacht Broker Institute.

Email michael@curtisstokes.net
Phone 1-954-684-0218
South Carolina
United States
URL http://www.curtisstokes.net