Robert Barlow

Yacht Broker

Robert is the Murray Yacht Sales Team Leader on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas. He specializes in New Beneteau sales and quality brokerage. He has been sailing over twenty five years and has worked in the industry for over twenty years. Robert began working for Texas Sailing in 1996 as the head instructor and rigger/service tech. In 2000 he purchased Texas Sailing along the Texas Sailing partners.

Phone 1-504-283-2507
1500 Marina Bay Drive
Clear Lake Shores , Texas 77565
United States
Boat Listings

2008 ' Beneteau

Beneteau: Oceanis 343
Lakeway, Texas, United States
Robert Barlow

2018 ' Beneteau

Beneteau: Oceanis 38.1
Lakeway, Texas, United States
Robert Barlow