Tyler Dulaney

Tyler grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, and has spent his entire life around boats. Since

childhood, he has wanted to work on or around boats. Tyler has been persistent in following his

path to work in the marine industry whether on or around boats. Growing up, he spent every

weekend and summer in Holden Beach, where he learned how to operate and navigate boats at a

young age. He spent most of his time fishing the waters around Brunswick County. At age 20, he

acquired his OUPV USCG Captains license. After acquiring his license, he worked as a Captain

for Sea Tow Shallotte, covering 80 miles of Intracoastal from Southport, NC to just past Myrtle

Beach, SC, and offshore. Through his experience with Sea Tow, his knowledge of marine safety,

vessel operation, and navigation expanded. He learned more about the different types of boats,

mechanics, and how to handle people while they are in a very stressful situation. After mastering

the job of tow-boat captain, Tyler decided it was time to expand on his experience and

knowledge. He left Sea Tow and moved to Wilmington, North Carolina, where he worked in a

marine mechanic shop as well as a delivery and fishing captain. During this time, Tyler became

interested in Yacht sales. He enjoys working with people and sharing his knowledge of boats,

navigation, and safety at sea. Tyler received a certificate of achievement from YBI and began

working with Curtis Stokes and Associates in 2021. He is available to help clients in and around

the central East coast area with all of their buying, selling, or general questions about vessels in

this ever-changing market. Tyler can draw on his vast knowledge and work with people that

share his love of all things boating.

North Carolina
United States