Chris-Craft 2015 Launch 36

My First Take:
This boat looks like fun, pure and simple. I want to load a couple buddies onboard and whip her around Barnegat Bay on a sunny August afternoon.

Chris-Craft has been building boats for well over 100 years, and many of its models have gone on to become true American classics. So when the company announced that its Launch 36 would represent a “new concept for the brand,” you can bet people in the boat world sat up and took notice.

Of course, grand and sweeping statements like that do not always completely hit the mark. So you could be forgiven if you took a look at the newest (and largest) in the Launch series and failed to see an earth-shattering departure from, say, the Launch 32—or the four other Launch models, for that matter. Which is not to say that the 36 isn’t an exciting boat. It’s quite the contrary, actually.

This vessel should be a hell of a dayboat. She’s got enough LOA to fit as many guests as you’d like, particularly considering she’s got that big, open bow with lots of seating. In the industry, open foredecks are often snidely—even derisively—described as a place for women and children. And that’s a sentiment I’ve never quite understood. Hey tough guys, have you ever sat up front on a bowrider while skipping across some flat bay at 35 knots? It’s truly one of the great joys of boating. And if relinquishing the helm every now and again to go lay back in the sun and feel the wind in my hair is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. Moving on.

The 36 is blessed with plenty of other amenities that make her just about perfect for a day on the water. An outdoor galley allows you to prepare meals alfresco, while ample stowage throughout lets you bring along as many water toys as your little heart desires. Plus, when you get all tired out from playing in the sun, the 36 is large enough to have five berths down below, so you can get some shuteye if you need it. And that’s a nice concept indeed.

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[dt_fancy_title title=”Specifications” title_size=”h3″ title_color=”title”]

Builder: Chris-Craft
Model: Chris-Craft
Year: 2015
Base Price: $475,787
LOA: 38’2″
Draft: 3’3″
Beam: 10’10”

Displacement: 16,000 LB.
Fuel Capacity: 286 GAL.
Water Capacity: 50 GAL.
Standard Power: 2/380-HP VOLVO 6Ls