Grady-White's new 2015 Coastal Explorer

The Grady-White 191 CE Coastal Explorer touts a shallow draft (14 inches), fore and aft casting platforms and low gunwales for easy fish handling. But this 19-foot, 4-inch boat can also handle a stacked-up inshore chop and light-duty offshore runs, according to the builder.

The 191 rides Grady’s SeaV2 variable deadrise hull. “It’s 19 feet but feels and performs like a larger boat,” says vice president of marketing Shelley Tubaugh. “You can spin it hard, and it still tracks perfectly. And you can run it through large wakes.” This is the second inshore boat from Grady-White, following the 251 CE Coastal Explorer.

The builder scatters innovative seating and storage throughout. The bow casting platform holds a divided insulated locker with a fishbox/storage area and a separate anchor locker, which hangs neatly from a bracket. The platform morphs into a lounge area that connects with an insert pad to the forward console seat. A pedestal table can join the party, too.

Aft bench seating doubles as a casting area. Forward-facing backrests can be inserted in the bow and stern seating areas. You can remove all these accouterments to clear the decks for fishing or water sports. “It has great features that give it unparalleled flexibility that you just don’t usually find in a boat this size,” says Tubaugh.

The console holds four rod holders and a 70-quart cooler or 17.5-gallon live well. Aft, you have a centerline 48-quart fishbox or an optional 12.5-gallon live well and a standard swim ladder.

The 191 CE can be powered with a single Yamaha F150 or F200. With the F200 it tops out at 51 mph and gets 5 mpg from 21 to 28 mph. Base pricing is $58,700 with the F150 and $63,395 with the F200.

Grady-White Boats, Greenville, North Carolina, (252) 752-2111.