The Importance of Routine Yacht Maintenance & Record-Keeping

Routine Yacht Maintenance

There is more to yacht ownership than time spent on the water. Like most large investments, proper upkeep is required. Routine maintenance of a yacht ensures operational equipment is running smoothly, its longevity, and value preservation. Maintenance upkeep, along with organized service records, will benefit yacht owners in the long run and provide a smoother experience when it comes time to upgrade or sell a yacht.

For larger yachts that remain in the water, full-time maintenance upkeep is vital. This is especially true in saltwater environments due to the high levels of salinity that can cause erosion. Some routine maintenance upkeep includes system checks, safety equipment inspections, and regular oil changes to ensure your vessel is functioning to its best potential. Routine maintenance will also provide peace of mind while operating.

Routine Maintenance Schedule

You can create a routine maintenance schedule by reading the manufactures manual and consulting a service professional for pricing and additional information. Some relevant components of a maintenance schedule should include:

  • Wash Job (basic wash, no wax):
    • Minimum: Once a month
    • Recommended: Every two weeks
  • Wax Job:
    • Minimum: Every six months
    • Recommended: Every three months
  • Bottom Cleaning:
    • Recommended: Once a month
  • Systems Check:
    • Recommended: Once a month
  • Engine, Drivetrain, & Generator Service (no haul out):
    • Recommended: Annually, or by engine run hours
  • Haul Out: Running Gear, Through-Hull Fittings & Bottom Paint:
    • Recommended: Annually
  • AC System Maintenance:
    • Recommended: Every six months
  • Oil Sample Analysis…read more here.

Keep a Maintenance Log

One of the main benefits of record keeping is the value it brings for potential buyers when it comes time to sell your boat. Providing a maintenance log to buyers will leave no room for questions or doubts, and will ensure a smoother selling process. A maintenance log should include all maintenance work and service performed on your yacht with relevant details and dates. The log should include receipts, titles, paperwork, etc. One of the simplest ways to organize your log is by boat components such as engines, electronics, safety equipment, electrical, etc. Updates and service can then be logged by record date, model number, serial number, cost, pictures, etc.

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