Yahoo Finance Taps MarineMax CEO For Market Updates

After reporting consecutive record quarters and announcing the acquisition of Cruisers Yachts and Minnesota-based Nisswa Marine, MarineMax CEO and President Brett McGill speaks with Yahoo Finance to discuss current market trends.

Brian Sozzi and Julie Hyman of Yahoo Finance begin with questions about Jess Bezos’ new superyacht. “My first thought is why didn’t my team get a hold of him and sell him a boat,” joked McGill. “Beyond that, it’s relative for everybody. For some, a 20-foot boat with three family members anchored up on an island creating memories that last forever to a yacht like Bezos’ where you can have several families and gear and tour the world — to each his own.”

The interview continued into market trends and predictions for the next quarter. “Demand is incredible, which gives us one of the best backlogs we have ever seen in the retail environment,” McGill said. “The dynamic has shifted. We now see people ordering boats for next summer. We’re seeing people be more proactive about making sure their experience on the water is solid.”

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